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Prayer Walk for Social and Racial Justice

06/10/2020 11:55:26 AM


Melissa Rosenstock, Ross Tabachow

Beth Shalom members at prayer walk for social justice   On Saturday, June 6, Beth Shalom members joined a Prayer Walk for Social and Racial Justice alongside our partners in One Wake and in solidarity with the Raleigh Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance, which organized the event....Read more...

Shabbat Night Live with Joel Chasnoff!

05/20/2020 03:01:42 PM


Let’s Celebrate the new week together with great Jewish Comedy! 

Join us! Saturday, May 30, 8:00 p.m.
Havdallah with
The Comedy of Joel Chasnoff  - LIVE

Register by clicking here.       

Be part of this Quadruple Mitzvah:

  • Join in community.
  • Celebrate a Shabbat tradition.
  • Bring joy to yourself and all.
  • Help those in need. Support those providing essential help: All suggested $10 donations will support our Raleigh-Cary JFS,             providing essential food, financial, and counseling assistance.

Joel Chasnoff Beth Shalom comedy night 

Joel Chasnoff is America's Premiere Jewish Comedian.

A Chicago native, Joel has performed on stage and screen in nine countries, including two off-Broadway shows, a USO comedy tour of Japan and Korea, more than 1,000 Jewish events in North America and Europe, and Israeli late-night TV. He’s a former IDF combat soldier and author of the comedic memoir The 188th Crybaby Brigade, about his service in the Israeli Army.

See more

Watch Joel riff on Jewish Parenting:


“Joel Chasnoff was amazing at the United Synagogue Centennial. He literally had 1,200 people praying...that his act wouldn’t end.”
Rabbi Charles Savenor, Park Avenue Synagogue, New York

Thank you, Ellen!

05/20/2020 01:21:33 PM


Introducing our next Volunteer of the Quarter...Ellen Moricone! Congratulations to Ellen for her dedication and time she has given to our Schul. Thank you from all of your Beth Shalom family! In her own words, these are some things Ellen has been working on and why she chose to get involved:

Volunteering at Beth Shalom enables me to really get to know other members, form new friendships and help out with certain tasks....Read more...

Honor Circles of Giving

04/14/2020 03:55:48 PM


Greg Bennett

We hope that each member's affiliation with Beth Shalom brings fulfillment, joy and lasting friendships through prayer, community, study and social action. To successfully perform our mission, each of us must contribute financial support at an appropriate level. The vast majority of our congregants contribute at the Minimum Annual Commitment level established by the Board. It is through member generosity that Beth Shalom will continue to...Read more...

COVID-19 Response Update for March 13: Purim Spiel, School Canceled & More

03/14/2020 08:23:36 PM


Health & Wellness Team

As the situation regarding COVID-19 continues to develop and unfold, seemingly on an hourly basis, we will continue to do our best to update and provide you with good and clear information. Our Health and Wellness Team met with representatives of temple leadership, Safety, Religious School and Facilities representatives to review developments and guidance from the CDC, public health officials, NC and local authorities. 

Based on...

Website Update #1

02/26/2020 01:42:20 PM


Larry Ginsburg, VP of Admin

As I mentioned in my previous email, we are working on transitioning to our new website, which we hope to have fully-operational by the end of March. You have probably seen some of the changes when you have opened the Learning section of the old/current website and while visiting this post. 

We have requested all our VPs and Committees to update their content by the end of this week. The website and our new financial...Read more...

One Wake has Launched/Three big priorities identified

02/24/2020 12:58:56 PM


Ross Tabachow, Greg Bennett, Melissa Rosenstock, Hal Zenick, and Rabbi Edery


There has been exciting progress with Beth Shalom’s partnership in “ONE Wake” (formerly called Wake Sponsors). ONE Wake is a grassroots organization working to improve Wake County while forming bonds between congregations across faiths. About 40 institutions have joined so far, and 3,000 residents have been involved in identifying, crafting, and beginning work on specific issues of concern to...Read more...

Beth Shalom Town Hall: Sunday, February 23

02/17/2020 02:59:01 PM


Please join Beth Shalom’s leadership and staff for a Town Hall meeting, where we provide updates on some important issues facing our congregation. The primary agenda will be devoted to short presentations about membership, our current financial state, and...Read more...

Tue, October 27 2020 9 Cheshvan 5781