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Are you pregnant? Have you recently given birth? Are you seeking guidance on ways you might welcome your new child into the covenant of the Jewish people and our community? We are here to help. Please contact our office manager, who will arrange for you to either meet with or talk to Rabbi Edery about your vision for this wonderful welcome.

Simchat Bat - Celebration of the Daughter

baby naming at Beth Shalom

A beautiful way to welcome your daughter into the Jewish covenant is a ceremony to formally give her a Hebrew name.  The ceremony may take place at any time but is customary to do during the first few months after the baby’s birth.

The naming ceremony often takes place during Shabbat services, as the giving of a Hebrew name is the way in which parents introduce their child into Jewish life and into a life-long belonging to the Jewish community.

Brit Milah (Bris) - Covenant of Circumcision

Brit milah comes from the covenant that was made between God and Abraham in the Torah, and the circumcision is a sign of that continuing relationship between God and the Jewish people. It takes place on the eighth day of the boy’s life (the day the baby is born is counted as the first day unless the birth happens after sundown). In some instances, the circumcision may be delayed for medical reasons.

The ceremony may take place at home, at the synagogue, or other locations. As part of the ceremony, the baby is given a Hebrew name. The ritual circumcision is performed by a mohelwho is often also a doctor. For the contact information of local mohalim, please contact our office. Rabbi Edery will be glad to participate in the ceremony with the mohel, or the mohel may perform the entire ceremony.

Adoption and Special Circumstances

adoption at Beth Shalom

We rejoice when a Jewish child is brought into the covenant through his or her family, regardless of age. Please contact our Rabbi to discuss the appropriate ways to welcome your child into the covenant and the Jewish community.

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