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Thank you, Ellen!

05/20/2020 01:21:33 PM


Introducing our next Volunteer of the Quarter...Ellen Moricone! Congratulations to Ellen for her dedication and time she has given to our Schul. Thank you from all of your Beth Shalom family! In her own words, these are some things Ellen has been working on and why she chose to get involved:

Volunteering at Beth Shalom enables me to really get to know other members, form new friendships and help out with certain tasks. My first few years as a member I honestly felt disconnected—I didn't know many folks because I did not make myself  "visible" (lack of involvement on my part)—being shy was my poison. 4 years ago, I decided to finally step out of my comfort zone and get involved. I volunteered to be (& remain) Room Parent to my son's religious school class—this gave me the opportunity to get to know our Religious School Director, the teachers, some parents & my son's classmates, and to become part of the Religious School Room Parent Committee (what a fabulous group of Gals!—this jump-started me out of my self-protective shell)! This past year I joined the newly formed Religious School Safety Committee—I got to know more members and be a part of yet another fantastic group. I volunteer as often as I can and it has enriched my life and helped me to really feel like part of the family (not to mention helping me to rid my poison: shyness)—it is a wonderful feeling! 

I would not have met as many members & not felt like I actually belonged had I not really "joined" Beth Shalom. I am honored to be part of my Beth Shalom Family!


Tue, September 26 2023 11 Tishrei 5784