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Adult Education At Beth Shalom

Learning continues throughout our lives, and Beth Shalom provides many learning opportunities. If you have suggestions or would like to join our Adult Education Committee, please contact

adult education at Beth Shalom Tanakh Talks

Tanakh Talks
Come ready to read, debate, listen, and share ideas with fellow curious minds, and walk away with a deeper understanding of the primary Jewish texts. No formal knowledge of Judaics or Hebrew is necessary. Meets most Mondays, 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. For more specific information, please visit our  calendar or contact the office. 

Click here or select "adult learning blog" from the "adult education" drop-down above to read summaries of previous classes. 

Recent Tanakh Talks on Zoom

Watch the playlist below to see some of our recent discussions!


Reading Hebrew for Adults
Have you always wanted to learn to read Hebrew, or possibly forgotten the Hebrew you learned long ago? Whether you are an absolute beginner or a rusty former pupil, this class is for you! Taught by Rabbi Mike Stevens, this weekly course will enable you to read Hebrew, follow along with the Siddur at our Shabbat services, and have a prayer vocabulary of 100 words. 

Got Culture
These are three things we can safely say about Jews: We’ve  lived in many countries, we like to get together to talk, and we like it even more if it is around good food! We have a tradition that combines all three: Got Culture. We meet at an ethnic food restaurant, where we enjoy a unique meal as we take the opportunity to learn about the country where the food originates, its culture, and its connections with the Jewish community.

Mussar Yoga

Mussar Yoga at Beth Shalom

We are not either just spirits or just bodies—we are a body-soul unit. Developing our spirit must include our body, and working on our body must include our spirit. Take a weekly hour to bring you flexibility, balance, and peace of mind. Mussar is a centuries-old Jewish tradition focused on developing personal awareness and growing the positive traits of the soul; it helps us fine-tune our character traits and cultivate skills that enable us to choose how we are best present to engage with the world. Yoga is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual practice that originated in India approximately 5,000 years ago. It offers the practitioner an opportunity to create strength and suppleness of body, clarity and peace of mind, emotional awareness and healing, and a deeper knowing and understanding of your Higher Self. The goals, ideas and teachings of both traditions combine beautifully in Mussar Yoga. This weekly class, taught jointly by Rabbi Edery and Micha Federico, does not require prior experience with either yoga or Mussar.

Fri, May 24 2024 16 Iyyar 5784