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Adult Learning Reflections

Welcome! Here you will find reflections on topics discussed in Rabbi Edery's Monday morning Tanakh Talks class.


Beth Shalom Learning Reflections - 6/15/20

David Dirlam

How do we pray in a modern world beset by COVID-19 and demonstrations over police killings of blacks? Hal opened our rich discussion by asking whether we pray to anyone but God. The Rabbi answered that rabbis are not closer to God than people and that it helps to understand the Bible as metaphorical—"Avinu” means “our source” as much as “our father.” We should not get stuck in the literal, written prayers but become open...Read more...

Is Black a Curse or Beautiful?

David Dirlam

Beth Shalom Learning Reflections—6/8/2020

Is Black a Curse or Beautiful?

A recurring theme in our studies is how Bible passages often reflect rivalries with neighboring groups. Following the George Floyd protests, Rabbi Edery’s readings addressed the Bible’s treatment of racial rivalries with several surprising insights.

We started with Genesis 9, the story of...

Thu, July 9 2020 17 Tammuz 5780