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Safety at Beth Shalom

Given the environment that temples and Jewish organizations are faced with, safety is a priority at Beth Shalom. All persons at Beth Shalom (including congregants, staff, visitors, and vendors) have an expectation of being in a warm, welcoming, and safe environment. We strive to balance those expectations with the necessary vigilance to protect our congregation and facilities.

We have taken steps to improve safety around the temple, including camera and alarm systems, video doorbells, procedures for access to the building, identifying and addressing risks, fencing around the playground, and working to keep children out of certain areas. Other plans and initiatives are ongoing.

Groups specifically tasked with Safety:

  • The Board, and a dedicated Vice President of Safety & Systems — oversees the safety program and initiatives
  • Staff  who are the front line of monitoring and managing the building
  • Safety Leadership Team — five-person team overseeing the safety program, liaisons with subordinate safety teams, engages with other stakeholders and sets safety procedures
  • School Safety Team — a group of parents and interested individuals focused on the needs of the school, our children’s safety and provide support to the Religious School
  • Health & Wellness Team — a group of medical professionals who advise safety and temple leadership on health & wellness issues and best practices
  • Usher Team — to staff the lobby during services, both to welcome guests and to keep an eye on things and coordinate emergency response as needed
  • Sound Team — the AV and sound technicians who are at every service
  • Prep Team — focused on major events and issues
  • Safety Coordinator — liaison with the Federation, law enforcement & emergency services

Safety is the responsibility of everyone; we welcome your insights and observations.

We welcome people to join the various Safety Teams, the School Safety Team, Usher Team and general safety initiatives, as needed. Please be aware that anyone working on any of the safety teams must be vetted and approved before they may join, and there may be differing requirements for each of the teams.

We also have a Safety Restricted Fund, which allows donations to be earmarked for safety improvements and operations. Please click here if you wish to donate.

Contact us at:

Fri, September 18 2020 29 Elul 5780