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Religious School Curricula by Grade

Introduction to
Bible stories and holidays

Pre-K/Kindergarten at Beth Shalom aking a holiday craft
Making a holiday craft

First Grade:
Concentrate on learning about Mitzvot

1st Grade at Beth Shalom doing Alef Bet yoga
Doing Alef Bet Yoga

Second Grade:
Jewish holidays and the Jewish calendar

2nd grade at Beth Shalom seder plates
2nd Graders with their Seder plates

3rd Grade at Beth Shalom Torah breastplates
Torah breastplates

Third Grade:
Torah stories

Fourth Grade:

4th Grade at Beth Shalom making Elijah cups
Making Elijah cups

Fifth Grade: Lifecycle events, beginning with birth and going through B'nei Mitzvah, weddings, and death.

5th Grade at Beth Shalom yad
The wedding unit will culminate with students acting out a Jewish wedding, complete with food and dancing!

Sixth Grade: B'nei Mitzvah preparation and students' place in their community, synagogue, and home as young Jewish adults.

6th Grade at Beth Shalom Mitzvah project making hats for homeless
Mitzvah project making hats for homeless

Seventh Grade: Students will explore the State of Israel
by understanding the complexities and nuances of Israel and
developing their own personal connections to the modern state.

7th Grade at Beth Shalom
Making Tallit

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