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Resources and Guidance When Israel is at War

In the past week, we have gathered to show our solidarity with the people of Israel, as they face the unspeakable atrocities inflicted on them by Hamas terrorists, and to support each other.  During these gatherings, the question has been asked numerous times:  "What can we do?"

Amidst our feelings of helplessness, there are actions we can take to help our Israeli mishpachah (family).  In addition, feel free to follow-up with Rabbi Edery with your own thoughts, concerns, and suggestions.

Donate: Organized Fundraising Efforts

  • The Jewish Federation of Greater Raleigh, in collaboration with the Jewish Federation of North America, and in partnership with Triangle Jewish organizations, has launched a campaign to help Israel and to provide life-saving support for those in desperate need.  Click here to support Israel.
  • The Reform Movement is joining with Jewish Federations of America to promote a single Israel Emergency Fund.
  • The Helping Israel Fund raises money to sponsor assistance for those serving in the Israel Defense Forces.
  • Israel's paramedic and Red Cross service, American Friends of Magen David Adom, "Red Star of Israel".  Note: Michael Blomberg is matching donations to Magen David Adom through the Bloomberg Match Program.
  • The Israel Trauma Coalition provides much needed emotional first aid via phone and chat.
  • Friends of the Israeli Defense Force helps to meet the emergency humanitarian needs of IDF soldiers.  Your contribution will be matched dollar for dollar by Cheryl and Haim Saban.
  • JGive has established the National Emergency Fund which provides assistance to the victims of the attacks and the war.

Advocate for US Support

More than ever, the full support of the USA for Israel is needed.  Write a short message to your representatives to urge them to give Israel full support now or thank them for their support of Israel.

Safety at Rallies and Beth Shalom

  • Community Security Service (CSS) is a Jewish nonprofit organization that provides security expertise to Jewish organizations in the US, primarily through trained community volunteers.  CSS has provided advice for those attending pro-Israel rallies; supporting the community-organized efforts are encourage.  To learn more, click here.  Please note:  it is recommended that you do not attend nor engage with anyone at pro-Palestinian rallies.
  • Beth Shalom needs your help!  Beth Shalom is partnering with CSS to train and organize for safety in our congregation.  We are looking for volunteers to serve on safety teams for both Shabbat services and the religious school.  We welcome members of different genders and ages.  You do not need previous experience; you will be trained in situational awareness and recognizing potential threats with a focus on increased vigilance and awareness.  Please email Toby Kennedy for more information.

Stay Informed: Suggested News Outlets

Stay Informed: General Resources for Learning and Talking about the War

Wed, July 17 2024 11 Tammuz 5784