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High Holy Days Volunteers: All Ages Welcome!

Join our High Holidays Team and become part of the comradeship and community that takes place when you say “yes, I want to help!" And this year, we are including lots opportunities for young people as well.  (If you are looking for volunteer hours for school or a program,  sign up and we will sign for you!)

Here’s what we've got:

For all volunteers, please click here to sign up

Help Needed At Our Our Guest Welcome Table For Family Services
We are looking for one adult and one youth ambassador to welcome families, talk about our youth and family programming, and answer questions at each of our Family Services. Or, you can just be friendly and help our guests feel comfortable. If you are interested, sign up here. For a description of these services, please click here.

New This Year: Check-In Crew
We are going a bit green and simply checking our members and guests in without using any physical tickets. We welcome anyone who is old enough to use an iPad to volunteer for marking our members and guests as in attendance. A great volunteer opportunity for youth and adults! Please sign up here.

Parking Crew

  • Put on an orange vest, get some sunblock, and tell those cars where to go! A dream job for someone who loves to be outside and play Tetris with real cars! Mark, our parking coordinator, will teach you the ropes. 
  • Lots of slots are available, so sign up here!

Set up, neatening, and striking between services
Please consider helping with set up, breakdown and striking for High Holy Day Services.  This is a great time for you to bring a friend or make a new one while providing much needed help in preparing for services.  This does not require a huge time commitment and there are tasks available that could be done by most age groups such as distributing services materials. There are also tasks that require some physical labor.  Please consider donating a little of your time.  You will immediately reap the rewards when you attend service and see your hard work.  We have seating for over 400, so that's a lot of chairs and service materials! Sign up here for one of the shifts.

Welcome people coming from the parking lot into the building and direct them to check in staff or welcome table as appropriate. Help control the flow of traffic to keep the lobby from getting overfull. To sign up, click here.

This job requires some training, as ushers are the kind people helping everyone find seating, helping with special needs, and directing us to safety in case of an unexpected event. 

Wow, that is an important job! But it's really made easy as led by the direction of Stephanie, our fearless Usher Leader. If interested, please sign up here.

If you want to talk more about any of these jobs, contact Izy, our High Holy Days Coordinator, by leaving a message at the office.

Meet Some of Our Volunteers!

Lucky for Beth Shalom, we have the best people to be hanging around with. Period. And many of us have met as volunteers for High Holidays, making it a truly spiritual, meaningful personal and community experience.  

How does it happen? It takes over 50 volunteers planning,  innovating, and problem solving for weeks and even months to bring our holiday experience to fruition.

Who are the people involved? We’d like to introduce you to a few of our volunteer leaders.

Usher Coordinator, Stephanie P.
Hi, I’m Stephanie, and I’m the Usher coordinator — or, as I like to think of myself, the queen usher with a walkie-talkie. I’ve been in this role for multiple years, and it’s allowed me to get to know some really wonderful people. Joining a committee is a great way of meeting new people and feeling connected. Ushering is not just getting people into their seats but also helping to keep everybody safe and to deal with unexpected situations that may arrive. Training is involved — but it is not arduous, and there are no tests. It is an honor to usher, and I hope you will honor me with your participation and be an Usher.

Parking coordinator, Mark N.
Mark and Sandra moved from New Jersey to this area in August 2020. They retired at the same time and looked for a Reform temple in the area when they joined Beth Shalom. They were very active in their NJ Temple and were looking for ways to help the community and meet people from the Beth Shalom, as they knew no one except for Sandra's brother and sister. Having had experience in organizing High Holidays at their NJ temple, Mark asked for what help was needed, which brought him to volunteer to help out on the parking lot squad to make sure everyone is safe. He looks forward to working with the group to make High Holy Days services a good experience.

Thu, December 8 2022 14 Kislev 5783